March 2014

Chemical Balancing Act, Part Three

Less so today, there used to be a stream of people coming through my office who would say, “I have a chemical imbalance.” Of course, most were applying for Disability payments and would demonstrate their lack of balance by getting angry when I would question their beliefs, which would interfere with the possibility of them getting government money.

“How do you know you have a chemical imbalance?” I would ask.

“My doctor told me. He said I have mood swings.”


The Meaning of Life

Though I did not realize it at the time, I was creating my own version of an experiment envisioned by 16 year old Albert Einstein. As Einstein imagined it, if he were to observe a beam of light, while travelling along with it, what would it look like? His imaginings brought him to a redefinition of the phenomenal universe.


Chemical Balancing Act, Part Two

I was asking a claimant about his history of treatment with psych meds during a Disability examination years ago. To which he spontaneously replied, “Do you know what those drugs do to you? I bet you’ve never taken them.” This sparked memory, a return of memories that usually sets the stage for learning. And I recalled that indeed I had, briefly. What follows is an accretion of memories, my free association: