August 2014

TRAUMA-Part Two The Cure

To learn or to unlearn.  Whether through exposure therapy one learns not to respond to behaviors previously learned by exposure to trauma OR one unlearns the behaviors one has learned through that exposure.  That is the question. Apologies to Shakespeare. Also, apologies to those who suffer from PTSD and are simply no good at learning things or otherwise don't respond to the treatment.


ROBIN WILLIAMS: The Burden of Art

Upon learning of Robin Williams’s death, most people on the web wrote posts and articles about that character they knew him for.  My comment on Twitter was how the person that was Robin Williams remained unknown to others, except in the characters he portrayed.  When someone of that stature dies unceremoniously and under unsavory circumstances, people bury themselves in the image even as they are constantly confronted with the fact that, when the lights go out and offstage, there is someon