Some months ago, when I first started writing about psychopathy, I received a tweet from a young man—you can always tell the young men because their comments are usually based on the movies they like—who with an insider’s elbowing and some sly winks commented on how psychopaths follow their prey without them knowing.  I think stalking is the correct term.  Let me say publicly, yes, this is sometimes true, but it only works with people who have a groundless confidence in their surroundings and the naiveté not to watch their backs.  Since most of these people start out helpless, there is not much entertainment in seeing what happens to them in real life, even at the hands of a psychopath, unless you find it pleasurable to watch someone else’s misfortune and sometimes their demise.  I put conspiracy theorists in the same category as those who stalk the unwitting because they see some deeper meaning to their actions, which doesn’t really mean anything other than their ability to exploit the oblivious by joining with them.   Please pardon me if I lump the two together, but they are so similar as to make good bedfellows and they might even enjoy cavorting together under the sheets, laughing about yesterday’s misdeeds, taking advantage of the unknowing.

Having said this, I will share my reaction to an article that appeared today in the Daily Beast which echoes a report from the Sunday Times on how China and Russia decrypted Edward Snowden’s computer files.  According to the article, these countries are now on a manhunt for outed American and British spies.

I would say first that the article made me very uneasy for the very same reason it would make any red-blooded American or Brit uneasy that our soft bellies were up and that our greatest enemy-friends are about to invade.

Let me pause for a moment and consider, what is an enemy-friend?  The answer is simple (not!)  In China’s case, it is a trading partner who wants to simultaneously sell us goods, buy our land and businesses, devalue our dollar, invade us, serve us dinner in their restaurants, hack our computers, all with smiles on their faces, insisting they don’t really mean it and that it’s all a misunderstanding.  In the case of Russia, it is about a country that was our greatest enemy during the Cold War and that has been led by a man, Vladimir Putin, whose soul our President Bush could see and declare that it was good.  Now, if you recognize some dissimulation or potential for dissimulation in all this, you will see where the psychopaths on the world stage operate.  First, baffle them with bullshit, put on the razzle-dazzle, then sneak up on them from behind, sticking a gun in their side and leading them home as a main course.  If that were how all this worked it would be simple, but, no, it is far more complex, too complex for even our all knowing leaders to understand or master, although they can exploit it and do.

Let’s start with Russia.  Russia has struggled economically for most of its existence, if not all of it.  Despite this, under Stalin, they were among the most powerful nations in the world, after the US, until their economy collapsed, something that wasn’t created but that was ushered along by President Reagan.  This happened because the Soviet system of economics created by Stalin was not sustainable.  And in a country that doesn’t reflect on success and failure, but presumes success when it is actually failing, it took no great effort to drive them into the ground.

The problem for us today is that, as much as we now look into Putin’s soul and see the Devil, all he is really trying to do is put his empire, the Soviet Union, back together because he does not like having the western influence of the US and EU on his boarders.  Moreover, there continues to be a Nazi influence in the Ukraine and your average Russian likes the Nazis even less than we do, having survived a war with them some 70 years ago.  The Ukraine, no doubt, was taken into the EU to reduce Russian influence and to give us a deeper foothold in that region both politically and economically, but Russia does not want us there.  That’s one of the reasons Stalin moved so many Russians into that part of the world, to insure loyalty to Russia into the future, but, unfortunately for him and his memory, it hasn’t worked that way or at least not that easily.

As for China, President Nixon did a similar soul searching—what is it about Republican soul searching?—of Mao Tse-tung and Chiang Kai-shek, to find that he liked the food, the wining and dining, and slavered over the potential market that a billion or so people could bring the US, perhaps without imagining that we might end up a market for China instead of China being a market for us.  Now, here we are with China having a trade agreement with Russia as a way of insuring that we don’t get any ideas of exploiting or invading either of them.

Given these histories, the immense size of these countries and the potential wealth, why should they play by Western rules?  The answer quite simply is they can’t and won’t and shouldn’t.  They are too big, their cultures are markedly different from ours, and, were we to conquer them or they us, governing would be impossible both for size and cultural differences.

Into this hotbed comes Edward Snowden.  He is the perfect foil for Western disinformation, also known as dissimulation to inflame public opinion.  The equation looks like this.  We, the Western powers, particularly the US and Britain, work ceaselessly to decrypt the computer files of both Russia and China, while they work tirelessly to decrypt ours.  It looks very much like a game and to all intents and purposes it probably is, that is, until China breaks into US government computers, in which case it is taken as an invasion, which happened less than a week ago.  Now, all the players know the potential for this type of thing happening and they do everything they can to prevent it from happening, that is unless the governments of the preyed upon, in this case the US and Britain, are so busy trying to cut taxes and reward or punish certain agencies that they no longer keep them in the loop of computer security, leaving a window open for invasion.

Well, what do you do then?  Enter the Daily Mail that scooped a story that does not fully make sense, but that serves the government that gives it license.  Let’s scapegoat Edward Snowden.  Look at how many powerful people it would let off the hook for not doing everything they can for Internet security.  How much we would be owed for doing them this favor.  And Snowden?  He’ll be hanged anyway.  Here let me say that this is how psychopathy works by saying one thing that may be believable, but isn’t true, in order to make other falsehoods still more believable, creating an echo chamber effect.  That is psychopathic because it hurts people who should not be hurt and rewards those who don’t deserve it, while sowing the seeds for the next falsehoods any of which could turn into something major on an international scale, but that preserves the status quo at home.  Nor am I the only one to have this opinion.  See below.  (You may cut and paste in your address bar now.)

'Attempt to gag Snowden, other whistleblowers'

Lode Vanoost, the former deputy speaker of the Belgian parliament, said the so-called report is speculation used every now and then to make sure public opinion is influenced against Snowden’s revelations.

“The only thing I wonder about when I hear these so-called revelations is why now? This is absolutely no surprise, it is standard procedure when you attack the messenger and not talk about the message,” he told RT.

“If they claim that agents had to be replaced or were put in harm’s way, well agents and spies are being moved all the time for lots of reasons, so is it any different from before? We don’t know that, it’s merely speculative,” he added.

To which I would add that, if we are talking about International psychopaths, why didn’t they get the codes by simply torturing him or by having a gorgeous Russian babe work him over with love.  When did the Russians get so civilized as to let Snowden live right under their noses without getting the codes from him “by other means”?  The idea is absurd, pathetic really, unless the readers don’t know the situation or think it is beyond their ability to understand, in which case, it is exploitative and manipulative, a creation of a psychopath who lives and thrives on lies. Even more, if they knew that all of that sensitive information had been taken out of the country, why didn't they take action to protect our spies sooner anticipating decryption in order to better protect us?  If you think this whole incident through, you have to agree with Lode Vanoost that it is a way to instill fear in order to exploit the vulnerable public, a very psychopathic maneuver.